Why Us?

Clients say that as we work together, they find themselves able to get into the right frame of mind to deal with their problems.  This helps them to see possibilities and confidently plan for success. In their experience, our sessions bring attention to things they had not or could not see before or found it difficult to acknowledge. They are often surprised at how quickly we get to the core of the issues they face in their business and personal realms. The peaceful and calm environment created in our sessions encourages them to trust and be open.

What you get

The debris blocking your way is removed and you gain clarity about what needs to be done to build your business and/or yourself. You gain insight into other people’s processes and this fresh perspective helps to repair difficult relationships.  You become self-determining, a product of increased self-belief and self-confidence. When you reflect on your progress you will observe increase in your business and personal leadership capital.

Our simple and direct approach to coaching is very effective. On numerous levels you will be challenged and provoked to think differently, resulting in creative solutions. Challenge has holistic impact and innovation is often in the small changes made. As your accountability partner we help you to stay on track, so your ambitions do not fall by the wayside.

Our philosophy

People generally are not comfortable with silence; they naturally feel the urge to replace it with sound. Our view is that silence in the room exists for and belongs to our clients. If you want:

  • To be heard we meet that need.
  • Feedback on your plans and strategies we can provide that to you.
  • Space for internal reflection, our sessions satisfy that need.
  • Objectively look at what needs to be done for your business, our approach does this.

To learn more about us, read about The perils of family businesses, an interview with Jacqueline Hall in Ebony Online or watch the Let’s Take a Coach Trip video to get an overview of coaching and the benefits you could enjoy.

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