Why Me?

Clients say they sense peace and calmness in me which helps them to get into the right frame of mind for dealing with their problems; and my composure frees them to trust.  In their experience of working with me attention is brought to things they had not or could not see before or found it difficult to acknowledge. They are often surprised at how quickly we get to the core of the issues they face in their business and personal realms.  

The silence belongs to you

Someone once suggested that because people generally are not comfortable with silence, if I don’t speak they must naturally feel the urge to replace it with sound.  My response? The silence in the room exists for and belongs to my clients. If you want:

  • To talk, and have someone listen, that is what I am here to do.
  • Feedback from outside yourself, then I’m the person who can provide that to you.  
  • Want the space to allow internal reflection, then time spent with me satisfies that need.  

What you get

As we work together the debris blocking your way is removed and you gain clarity about what needs to be done to build your business and/or yourself. You gain insight into other people’s processes and develop ability to repair difficult relationships due to that fresh perspective.  You become self-determining, a product of increased self-belief and self-confidence. When you reflect on your progress you will recognise increase in your business and personal leadership capital.

My philosophy

A simple and direct approach to coaching can be most effective. I will challenge you on numerous levels, and you will be provoked to think differently.  I believe that whatever affects you in work, also has impact at home and vice versa. My role is to facilitate your journey - to make the pathway clear, and be your accountability partner.  

Watch the Let’s Take a Coach Trip video to get an overview of coaching and the benefits you could enjoy.

So I can begin to better understand what you need contact me on 02032901253 or book a 30min conversation today.