Start Up Loans Ambassador

Aka the Family Business Supernanny, I am also a SUL Ambassador for Start Up Loans UK, a subsidiary of The British Business Bank.

In this adventure I’m championing start-ups and encouraging them to engage with the Government-backed initiative that aids small business birth and growth. The scheme has lent more than £527m through over 66,000 loans since 2012. Along with access to this important source of finance (fixed interest rate 6%pa for maximum £100,000 loan), a year’s mentoring and a range of other support is also available to SME start-up and early stage leaders.

SME Start Up Loan Ambassadors with Lord Smith

How the scheme helped me

Coming from an employed background – the idea of delivering my expertise through my own business though exciting, had been daunting. The support I received was very useful in challenging my assumptions and honing my aspirations.

Having taken advantage of the scheme at the start, it’s one of the components that helped me to unwrap my own potential and take my business to where it is now – delivering leadership and development coaching principally to family businesses.

The Loan

The loan I took out was small, and I was able to repay it over a short term; you get up to 5 years. My loan covered items such as equipment and marketing activities - the things that were needed for my specific start-up. What was most valuable to me though was the mentoring that came with the loan.

The Mentoring Experience

My mentor helped me through action planning and was my accountability partner for the first few months. During our meetings we would discuss my business plan and the progress I had made in taking it forward. I felt so motivated and excited I often went beyond what had been agreed. The meetings helped me to generate new ideas about how to deliver my service to my target client. I have gone on to refine my offer, gaining further insights about my target clients, their aspirations, objectives, and goals, and ways in which my expertise best serves them.

Why I said yes to becoming a SUL Ambassador

Jacqueline as a SME Start Up Loan Ambassador

“Small businesses are crucially important to our economy, helping to create jobs and generate income. These Ambassadors reflect the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit which is driving innovation and productivity up and down the country”.
Kelly Tolhurst, Minister for Small Business.

I believe knowledge is power, and it’s important to share your experience and perspective so others who might want to start their own entrepreneurial adventure can gain insight about what to expect and how the Start Up scheme could benefit them.

The primary aim of the Start Up Loans scheme is to ensure that viable start-ups and early-stage businesses have access to the finance and support they need in order to thrive.

So now you have some insight into my experience and perspective, do speak with me about how the scheme might help you too. #SULAmbassador

Read more about me on the SUL website.

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