Family Business Coaching

Working with relatives has benefits which include trust, commitment, loyalty and having better qualified and knowledgeable people involved with the business. 6/10 people would find the prospect of working with family attractive.*  Family businesses have great appeal and connectivity for clients.

Families generally go through an interesting journey that encompasses all types of relational implications and have a dynamic that can be challenging. They influence each other genetically, psychologically, legally, financially and through history.  When a family shares business interests as well this adds several layers to a dynamic that covers relationships between partners, employers and employees who are spouses, parents working with child/ren, working with siblings, aunts and uncles with nieces and nephews, grandparents and other extended family.

My clients are often trying to get to grips with issues such as ‘their why’, ‘team toxicity’ and ‘succession planning’.


  • The addition or replacement of one person in the business can massively change the relationships in it.  For family businesses the person taking over the leadership position, can feel as if they’re tiptoeing through a minefield.  What strategies do you have in place for managing the changes in dynamic and bring about smooth succession?  Does the heir apparent really share the same values as the business?
  • The founders of a business start off working well together, but sometimes can't see eye to eye, and whatever one says the other takes offence. Have you lost sight of your ‘why’?  Are you the partner who's had enough and secretly wants a business divorce? 
  • You started the business and nurtured it through the barren and plentiful times. Your children joined, and you have a family firm which is what you always wanted. But now they disagree with the direction in which you want to steer the business.  As far as you're concerned it’s a threat to all your hard work and authority. How can you get through this cross-generational conflict?
  • Decision-making in the business can become fraught and is not helped when shared history and emotions are at play.  Board meetings can degenerate into something that members who are not family find themselves having to tolerate.  Might a facilitator provide the objectivity required and encourage the fresh perspective need so win:win is possible? 

Our Value

We address two areas:

  • Leadership Evolution – focusing on leaders’ contribution towards and impact on the business, and
  • Team Dynamics - focusing on team relationships and their effectiveness

and the influence they have on wellbeing, productivity and profitability.

Through coaching and facilitation we help you gather and make sense of the facts and gain new perspectives, so you see needs and solutions from different perspectives. We use our own model – GREAT© - to help you determine, track and evaluate the decisions you implement, and their impact. Our approach will help you to be flexible, build legacy and make decisions that balance the needs of the business with those of the owners.

Leadership Evolution

Benefits include

  • Strengthening of personal capital and capacity
  • Greater confidence in leaders’ decision-making
  • Increased leadership effectiveness and impact on operations and productivity
  • Assurance that the succession plan is understood by all

Team Dynamics 

Benefits include

  • Confidence in a shared vision 
  • Each person feeling their contribution is really valued
  • Consensus that leads to goal achievement and profit
  • HOT (honest, open and transparent) management of friction points leading to win/win

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*American Express research 2015

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