Family Business Coaching

Trust, commitment, loyalty and having better qualified and knowledgeable people involved with the business are some of the benefits of working with relatives. 6/10 people would find the prospect of working with family attractive.*

Our clients are often trying to get to grips with issues that require fast, effective solutions.  These include: management of an individual’s poor performance, turning around toxic team behaviours, or ensuring corporate decision-making is transparent.

Our Value

We address two areas:

Leadership Evolution

Benefits include

  • Identification of personal and corporate values
  • Greater confidence in leaders’ decision-making
  • Increased leadership effectiveness and impact on operations and productivity
  • The roles and rights of Board and Owners being clearly defined.

Team Dynamics 

Benefits include

  • Confidence in a shared vision 
  • Each person feeling their contribution is really valued
  • Consensus that leads to goal achievement and profit
  • HOT (honest, open and transparent) management of friction points leading to win/win

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*American Express research 2015

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