Situation 1

Situation 1 image

You are the person in your family business whose known for getting things done, is champion, is defender, and knows where you are going. However, you have recently found your internal compass not working as before. Internally feeling a loss of self or direction, you have been asking questions such as 'What's it all for?'.

Situation 2

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You are a good person, but are stuck in broken or stagnating relationships, unable to see a way forward in your personal life. You have noticed that you are lacking motivation and focus, feeling disconnected with reduced powers of concentration. You are experiencing performance anxiety under weight of the expectations of those who you lead and manage, and yourself. You have read self-development books, but nothing seems to have really changed yet. So far, you've managed to keep these internal rumblings under control. If allowed to persist, however, you know they will impact your family business. You know you need help to move forward.

Situation 3

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You have grown up with the family business. Your parents have been saying that they are still young, but one day they hope you'll take over; you're feeling like the walls are closing in. You need clarity because:

  • You want to make your own mark in the world
  • You are not sure the family business will really give you the room to grow
  • You question whether your personal aims and the business' direction are really a match.

You want to be able to express your reservations without causing too much upset.

Situation 4

Situation 3 image

You have worked in the family business for several years, but do not feel appreciated. Ideas you put forward are not discussed; you feel your voice is not heard. Regarded as a steady family member you are always ready to help. However, you feel your service to the business is taken for granted. You are feeling so stressed by it all but are perceived by others to be a really calm person. You still want to be you but assertive when needed.

Situation 5

Situation 3 image

You are looking for new opportunities and want to make sure you are headed in the right direction, or you have several offers and are unsure which one to settle with. You also know that to reach your fullest potential you need to be clear about your personal vision and values, and what you have to offer the world. You want to explore these facets and experience increased self-actualisation.

How to contain and eradicate your challenges

You have two options:

1. Enter the Personal Decision Room. This is an online room, where you can confidently say what's on your heart and mind, free from judgement. In the Decision Room you get clarity, rid yourself of thought blockers and begin to see how you can move forward.

2. Commit to a Personal Leadership Plan. This is a longer-term, deep dive approach that will help you to get to the root of your challenge. You will explore 'If…', 'What if…' 'Where …' 'Who…' and How?'. Bringing the branches together you will create a strategy to get things under control so you achieve your goal(s). 6 meetings recommended.

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