Challenges to Personal Leadership 

Often people will progress and then reach a point where they stall. Sometimes this is because they have become satisfied with where they are.  But often life takes over and consumed with the ‘every day’ of life and work they lose sight of the vision and drive they once had.  It can also be possible that the person or people who motivated them – positively or negatively - are no longer in the picture.  

Types of Blockages

You may be experiencing:

  • Lost sense of self or direction.  You will be asking questions such as ‘How do I stop hiding behind my mask?’ and ‘What’s it all for?’. You’ll have become frustrated but can’t see a way forward.
  • Lack motivation or focus.  This is evidenced internally through feelings of disconnection and poor concentration, and externally via broken relationships and career stagnation.
  • Anxiety in decision-making.  You may have become dependent on other people’s opinions because you have lost confidence in your own. 
  • Performance anxiety.  Fearful of making mistakes, you’re angry with yourself and are highly self-critical.

These issues can lead to distorted self-image and imposter syndrome, people pleasing and hyper-sensitivity.

How to remove those persistent blocks

Activate a personal leadership development plan. This will enable you to remove the blocks, fulfil your highest needs and achieve your fullest potential.  The growth and robustness needed to make you able to face challenges with confidence and courage will happen.  As you do so you will experience self-actualisation. 


You will become:

  • Able to make decisions with clarity and communicate them effectively 
  • A change agent who has the resilience to deal with results and consequences  
  • Focussed, knowing who you are, where you’re headed, and what you want to achieve
  • The person who makes the difference, not only for yourself but for others too.

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