Personal Leadership Plan

Personal leadership is the ability to manage your inner life, your decision-making processes, social relationships, career and work performance.  The self-actualised person has the resilience to deal with situations presented and not be over-whelmed.  If you are to have any impact or influence your personal leadership needs to be developed.  

Our value

As we work together your gains will include:

  • Reconnection with lost ambition and recapturing of your mojo
  • Identification of the root of your frustrations and their eradication
  • Clarity and increased confidence in your decision-making
  • Accomplishment of goals you thought unattainable
  • Stress and performance anxiety being replaced by stability and peace.

You will see where the stumbling blocks sit and overcome them with us as your accountability partner.  We reflect facts, perspectives and needs from different angles and help you evaluate solutions that you can implement.  Our own model - GREAT© - will help you make, track and evaluate your decisions and recognise their power

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