The GREAT© Model

This approach enables clients to clearly set out their goals and aspirations and to evaluate their accomplishments.  Through the coaching approaches used clients gather momentum and accomplish what they set out to do.  It’s GREAT because during the work with their coach clients Gather Relevant Evidence and Accomplish Transition and have the assurance that coaching is really benefitting them.  

Consisting of four components:

  1. Investigative Analysis helps the client to recognise what is really of importance to them, their needs, aspirations and goals
  2. Coaching Provision encapsulates the approaches and techniques utilised by the coach to peel back the layers and get to the essence of the client’s needs
  3. Momentum is experienced as the client’s own key milestones are met and they accomplish the transition they want
  4. Evaluation is the method by which the client and coach reflect on the journey, acknowledge and measure what has been accomplished.

The knowledge and insight gained is added to the client’s personal capital, as witnessed in the strengthening of their resilience, creativity and independence.

The Model ensures that the client’s needs remain paramount.  As they gain momentum deeper issues may come to light.  The GREAT© Model ensures these are incorporated into the process and dealt with effectively, bringing resolution.

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