Family Business Problems

Family business members influence each other genetically, psychologically, legally, financially and through shared history.  Your family dynamic and practices can lead to much business strain and toxicity.

Scenarios Consider
The addition or replacement of one person in the business has massively changed the relationships. You are the addition and feel that you are tiptoeing in a minefield. Who might be feeling ‘put out’ by you coming on board? Your approach might be upsetting the unofficial leader – who is that?
When you started the business together you liked each other. Now whatever one says the other takes offence. You may have lost sight of your 'why'.

You may have become entrenched.
You nurtured your business. Your children joined, and the family firm you always wanted came into being. Their disagreement with your plans presents a threat to all your hard work and authority. The real and hidden reasons for the conflict.

Assumptions made because of position in the family structure and its ‘at home’ practices.
Decision-making in the business has become fraught. Board meetings degenerate into something that members who are not family find themselves having to tolerate. Team members are unable to be objective/have hidden agendas?

A fresh perspective may be needed.

Non-family members sense of well-being is being impacted.

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