Family Business MOT Diagnostic

Your Challenge

As an established family-led business you’ve worked diligently to achieve the success you currently enjoy.

That success also means you’re so busy running the business, you have little time to stop and review.

You may be generating revenue. However, if the operational structure is not strong you could be wasting precious resources, not seeing quality product from effort, or worse - stop seeing financial inflow.

You need to find where the leak is and cap it.

Our Answer

Your business ought to have a health check each year to ensure its different components are working well, so ultimately you have peace of mind.

Our expertise is in working with you to review your team’s performance, operations, and future growth plan.

Through the Family Business MOT Diagnostic we review your business with you, so you can make some key decisions that will build a high growth company that experiences longevity.


The Family Business MOT Diagnostic works with your business plan. It:

  • Highlights the business operations that are productive, are wearing out or needing replacement
  • Gives insight into what can be built on, or is damaged but can be repaired to keep or make your family-led business healthy
  • Opens your leadership team and business owners’ eyes to different perspectives and prompts new thinking.


You and your family-led business will:

  • Build on the success you have already attained and drive your business forward
  • Enjoy reduced friction and frustration as your senior team communicates and works together more effectively
  • Experience increased business dynamism, and strengthening of your position in the market
  • Integrate your family members’ abilities and aptitudes in a way that encourages cohesion
  • Lay the foundation for exploring new markets and products.


Why wait until a breakdown before you act? Book your Family Business MOT Diagnostic now. 0203 290 1253