Our Expertise

Questioning assumptions so what’s important becomes clear.  My value is seen in how I help you to rapidly reach the root of your challenges so you can achieve corporate and personal profit.

Why clients use my expertise

Family businesses

To deal in a HOT (Honest, Open and Transparent) manner on issues such as:

  • Management of change at board level
  • Clarity about who in the family does what in the business
  • Separation of family needs from business goals
  • Inter-generational values transference
  • 'Outsiders' integration into the family business
  • The impact loss could have on the business, eg key people leaving


To advance purposefully, and with speed so they:

  • Discover of what was hidden and uncover what had not been recognised
  • Become empowered to make change happen
  • Gain insight into their own processes and motivations
  • Are challenged in their perceptions about themselves, other people, and situations.

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