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The Dunamis Matrix - African and Caribbean Networking, Coaching and Mentoring Forum

This approach brings networking, coaching and mentoring under one umbrella for aspiring and seasoned managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs of African and Caribbean heritage.

You may be ready to capture opportunities for personal growth, development and empowerment, or be the shoulders on which the next generation can rise. If you see yourself here The Dunamis Matrix is for you.

A three-element structure, it facilitates connection via:

  • Networking opportunities that build professional and business links.
  • Focussed and intimate coaching and mastermind groups that equip for change and growth.
  • Mentoring relationships, where opportunity meets wisdom, and partners those who would benefit from or can give a mentor’s expertise
  • Connect with people who are forward-thinking. See fresh ways of accomplishing your leadership ambitions and achieving your aims rather than struggling alone.

Check Upcoming Events to see when the next Power Chain (networking) event is happening.

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