Let’s Take a Coach Trip

If you have a development need, there is a coach out there for you.  Coaches deal with all sorts of topics and issues including leadership, work performance, confidence, self-esteem, weight management, even breast-feeding.  The aim of coaching is to bring you to the best you can be.


Before searching for a coach, you ought to understand which life area needs your focus and the results you want to achieve.  This will give you a measure against which to assess the success of the intervention.  Knowing the coach's expertise and experience will provide insight into the breadth of issues management they have supported.  Finally, finding out if you can relate at a personal level is important as this builds rapport. Trust is necessary if you are to be comfortable in telling the coach things you may not have admitted even to yourself.  Coaching is a very powerful tool; in the right partnership you can make great progress.

Often coaches focus on different life spheres, be it business, eg sales, professional eg career development, personal eg motivation. Trained coaches have a range of methods, tools and techniques at their disposal, and will utilise these along the coaching journey.  Many coaches specialise in specific techniques, others will according to their preferences, use more. The approaches available to them include, for example, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), GROW, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  They may ask questions such as ‘What are you allowing to stop you?’, ‘Where do you feel the discomfort?’.  The approaches they employ help clients release negative hindrances and internal obstacles that stop them from being their best.

Why me?

My simple and direct approach to coaching, will challenge you on several levels. Clients tell me they are provoked to think differently. Their attention is brought to things they had not or could not see before. They are often surprised at how quickly we get to the core of the issues they face, not only the ones they choose to acknowledge.

Possessing a holistic view, I believe that whatever affects you in work, also has impact at home and vice versa. My role is to facilitate your journey - to make the pathway clear. As we work together the debris blocking your way is removed and you gain clarity about what needs to be done to build yourself. You also gain insight into other people’s processes and develop ability to repair difficult relationships due to that fresh perspective. When you reflect on your progress you will recognise increase in your personal capital.

I would love to connect and share the power of coaching with you.

Watch the video to get an overview of coaching and benefits you could enjoy.