Business Coaching Case Study – RacketUp


  • RacketUp’s tournament development has increased its client base and turnover
  • Cashflow has been improved by systemising the onboarding process
  • Host organisations see 40% increase in bar revenue during RacketUp’s tournaments
  • Through strategic partnerships RacketUp’s influence in the squash sector has grown
  • Niall has grown in confidence and leadership capability

Niall says:
Having been recommended the services of DALE Coaching, Jacqueline has helped develop RacketUp from a squash academy into a fully functioning business. For any SMEs and leaders eager to grow their business, look no further.


After some growth Niall’s business was stagnating. He realised that a growth strategy needed to be developed that would:

a) increase his customer-base and turnover,
b) help him to become a Squash influencer.

To achieve growth the vision needed to be clarified and aligned with objectives. Board member positions needed to be formalised, which would take the business from a one-man band operation to a corporate entity.


We worked with Niall to:

  • Formalise his over-arching vision – to have a role in Squash being brought back into the into the forefront of sporting competition in the UK.  
  • Clarify the key Board roles and responsibilities, and identify family members’ specific skills, experiences and interests that would help the business to grow
  • Attract a wider scope of customer, develop new revenue streams, introduce new tournaments by igniting his creativity.
  • Enter strategic partnerships with other Squash influencers


  • Client base and profitability has increased, and RacketUp has attracted sponsorship offers
  • Ranked players participate in its tournaments and wear the company’s branded t-shirts 
  • Complimentary partnerships have been established, increasing the business’s profitability
  • RacketUp events attract elite players to people who want to play for fun
  • Formalised customer onboarding has improved cash-flow.

Our Value

We helped Niall to:

  • Align business objectives with his  vision
  • Grow the business’s client base and increase revenue
  • Strengthen and develop strategic collaborations
  • Increase his influence in the squash community

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