A Business Coaching Case Study for RacketUp

Having been recommended the services of DALE Coaching, Jacqueline has helped develop RacketUp from a squash academy into a fully functioning business. For any SMEs and leaders eager to grow their business, look no further.


Niall, managing director of Racket Up Squash Academy wanted to develop a micro-enterprise into a squash academy and business. 


The business vision needed to be better structured, and Board roles and responsibilities needed to be clarified and formalised.  


To prepare the business for growth we clarified of the key Board roles and responsibilities.  Based on their skills, experiences and interests specific family members were identified for appointment.

This would free Niall to focus on building the client base, achieving expansion via collaboration with other companies in the sector and increase his influence the squash world.


Client base and profitability has increased, and the business has attracted sponsorship offers, and future expansion is planned.

The Board understand his vision and are fully behind him.

RacketUp is becoming influential in the Squash world as ranked players participate in its tournaments and wear the company’s branded t-shirts.  Complimentary partnerships have been established, and the business is profitable.

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