Business Coaching Case Study – Passione Italiana

Alex freed from back office activities was able to focus on growth strategies, leading to offer expansion.

Alex’s testimonial:
Jacqueline helped me look at my business with a fresh pair of eyes. She gave me some good advice and suggestions as well as constructive feedback on my website, for example. Passione Italiana is on the way to becoming a great business.


Alex’s business was already experiencing a certain amount of success and he could see its growth potential.


The bespoke Italian language and travel experience business was dependent on the entrepreneur’s involvement in every aspect, making focus on expansion and growth difficult to achieve.  


Having discussed Alex’s aims for the future, and the business’s operations and challenges, we concluded that a proper back-office management structure needed to be established.  

Having set out the scope of responsibilities to be covered by such a structure, Alex decided it would be headed by a trusted family member who wanted to get involved in the business.


The offer for those who want to mix language development with travel experiences, or simply learn about the Italian culture has been expanded

The business continues to thrive as Alex’s expertise and attention is focussed on the areas that contribute to its growth.

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