Personal Leadership Plan Case Study – Herve


  1. The development work Jacqueline and Herve did together helped to validate Manchester Metropolitan University’s approach of linking degree qualifications with employment outcomes, and enhancing career readiness mongst students.
  2. Herve is employed in his chosen career, and on the way to achieving the professional qualifications required to become a Personal Financial Planner.
  3. Cervello Financial Planning his employer, has a team member whose aim is to develop the knowledge and skills to perform at a high level, and thus add value to the business. 


Herve had the career goal of becoming a Personal Financial Planner but was unsure of the route he ought to take.  Jacqueline became Herve’s chosen coach from a team of professional coaches engaged by Manchester Metropolitan University.


Herve’s Testimonial

“My career goal was to become a Personal Financial Planner. However, I was unsure of the route I ought to take and wanted to feel confident in my career choice. I was blessed to come across a wonderful coach - Jacqueline Hall. 

Her non-judgemental approach and expertise helped me to realise my goal was achievable.  I saw that I needed to shine light on my values and to identify the gems within.  I learnt to appreciate what I have, and to use this to the best of my ability.  Being coached by Jacqueline brought forth a sense of belief and confidence, and the boldness to go for what I wanted.

With her help I:

  • Got clarity about myself and my values
  • Gained understanding of my strengths and weaknesses
  • Realised how I could overcome obstacles
  • Perceived what is important to me in a career
  • Saw the options available to me and created a plan
  • Initiated the positive change I wanted in my life.

I now work in the financial planning sector, where I know there is great potential for me to grow and succeed as a Personal Financial Planner.”


Chris Daems, MD, Cervello’s Testimonial

"Jacqueline’s practical and forward-looking approach meant that Herve had chance to speak to an experienced financial planner.  It resulted in a great opportunity for both Herve and our business to work together, resulting in a mutually beneficial situation. As a business we get to work with an amazing young financial planner in training, and Herve gains benefit of working within a highly respected and forward-thinking financial planning business."


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