Family Business MOT Case Study – Clarendon Hill Properties.


Clarendon Hill Properties’ presence in the UK and Jamaican property markets has been strengthened with stronger collaborations and increased client engagement. Management performance and property management which were already of high quality, have been raised further, evidenced by five-star customer feedback.’

Sarah’s Testimonial:
“I would like to thank Jacqueline for the time and expertise put into reviewing our family business and encouraging us to delve deeper into our processes and roles within the company. It was a worthwhile tool which I'm sure many family businesses would benefit from. If you run a family business don't hesitate to contact Jacqueline she could open your eyes to smarter working.”
Sarah, Director


Founded by Sarah, the successful family-run property company had organically grown both nationally and internationally.

Working across two time zones threatened burn-out. Sarah realised Lauren, her daughter had potential and skills to add more value to the business.

Our Approach/Solution


  • Explored the business’s foundation Sarah’s values and examined their influence on its operations, contributing to her gaining fresh insights.  
  • Reviewed operations performance
  • Facilitated Sarah and Lauren's discussion of business growth ideas.


  1. Sarah focussed on developing growth strategies for both markets.
  2. Lauren took over the implementation and management of their IT systems.
  3. Team communication flow improved as did current and potential clients experience.
  4. Property operations were systemised freeing management time.
  5. The website was updated to reflect what is a modern business built on a solid ethical foundation.

Our Value

We helped Sarah to:

  1. Gain fresh perspective about the business's operations.
  2. Clarify, dovetail and harmonise her own and Lauren’s roles.
  3. Focus on market strategy development and implementation.
  4. Implement strategies that supported management efficiency and customer reach.

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