by Jacqueline Hall on 28 November 2018 4:44pm : 1378

So you work as expected in your family’s business and maybe for you that’s that. You may be someone who works in a family-run business and sometimes things seem a bit ‘off’.  Or maybe as a family member you have been invited to work in the business. But. When you’ve looked at how it works and is structured, you’ve noticed several things. Some of the people in your family are:

  • Employed by the business and make decisions
  • Employed by the business but don’t make decisions
  • Not employed by the business but somehow have a lot to say, and their input carries weight.

Not only does the situation is noted above exist, but also some of the business decisions made have had negative impact on family relationships, whether members are employed or not by the business. As a person who is employed, are not family, you have found yourself affected by what happens in the business, AND discussions had outside the business walls.

The Three Circle Model of Family Business unlocks this puzzle.  It’s brings recognition of where you, and others who have interest in your specific circumstances are positioned.  

What is The Three Circle Model of Family Business?
It’s a model of three intersecting circles that shows where interests overlap in the family business system.  The circles represent owners of the business, family members and the business itself. The model helps to explain the:

  • Influence the family and the business have on each other.
  • Perspectives, goals, and concerns of people who have interest in the business
  • Tensions that arise and where
  • Issues that require HOT (honest, open, transparent) treatment

Benefits of recognising your own and other people’s positions

  • The confusion that you and they feel will be reduced
  • Competing priorities and conflict will be better managed
  • ‘Where’ and ‘Why’ questions will become easier to answer
  • Better alignment of family interests, business goals and needs
  • Helps you to see from role perspective rather than personality

By doing so the needs of all involved will be acknowledged, given regard and the attention required.  Policies and decisions made will factor in these needs.

Look at the model to see where you fit.  
What are the challenges and issues that arise for you?  What strategies are you thinking of using to handle this?

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