by Jacqueline Hall on 12 June 2020 8:53am : 1386

What are your hopes?  How will you make them happen?
Individually and collectively we are going through a momentous time in world history, experiencing situations which, on entering 2020, we never imagined we would see. These experiences affect us all in different ways and at various levels in our personal, relational, and business lives.  I would like to encourage you. 

What keeps me focused on the future is HOPE - the desire for and expectation of good things. As a leadership coach with focus on family business leaders, one of my values is to see the best in a person be given space to shine.  That starts with hope; it is the foundation on which all our ambitions and plans are laid.  

My hope is that when we each reflect on this time we will:

  • Understand better than we did yesterday or today
  • Have got the knowledge we needed, and implemented the wisdom gained. 

My hope for the future is that in every sphere of life we will: 

  • Do good to/for others and receive good ourselves
  • Be living purposefully and in line with our core values.

My hope for our individual and collective talents and abilities is that they will be:

  • Appreciated for what they bring to the world
  • Beneficial to and have positive impact for anyone with whom we interact.

It is a leader's learning and work that shapes their hopes.  I believe if we accept the lessons and work towards what we hope for, our collective and individual experiences will not have been wasted.  To quote Thomas Edison, "Waste is worse than loss".

Keep your hope alive.

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