by Jacqueline Hall on 1 June 2020 10:34am : 1307

Lockdown has been a strain for so many people.  Business owners are wondering if and how they are going to survive.  Also coming out at the other side, how strong will their business be.  Employees are wondering if jobs they held in January will still be available in a few weeks.  The big players are making staff redundant because they say the demand is not there.  This is disconcerting and leaves all of us feeling vulnerable.  We look at them and think if they cannot go back to normal, can we?  People are getting itchy and protesting about the lockdown - whether privately or publicly.  

Across the world political and economic leaders are planning how they will bring their nations through this time.  They are wondering how they can re-energise their economies without readmitting the monster.  We have been told that coming out of lockdown will not and cannot be immediate.  It will be phased, with social distancing, and possibly staggered working ours being the way of business life – part of our collective New Normal.  

Many are grieving for what was only a couple of months ago.  They look back at the ‘good old days’ of January 2020 and wonder if, and when they can get back to these.  However, when you look at those days was your normality the norm you really wanted?  

Time to Reset and Re-energise Your Family Business
As devastating as lockdown has been, is and will continue to be for a season, it has given you time away.  Time away from a norm you were not necessarily happy with. You might have been satisfied for it to carry on the way it was, because at least you knew what to expect.  However, it often robbed you of the time to think, to clarify, to strategize and implement in the way you wanted.  Lockdown has been and is an opportunity to reset.  As we go through its ups and downs this is your chance to: 

  • Consider what the ‘new normal’ might mean for you as a family business leader and your business; Visualise what you want it to look like; 
  • Think about how you can manage your business in the post-lockdown paradigm

and as we get ready to enter the collective New Normal 

  • Decide how to move forward with hope and new energy.

Peer-education develops the specific set of leadership skills needed to make a business thrive, like listening and awareness, coaching and precision questioning. You have common ground with other family business, and iron sharpens iron.  Keep hope alive and build success together.

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