Family Business Leaders, ‘Succession’ is not a swear word

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Some family business leaders willingly engage in succession planning, whilst others resist. Read how planning for succession can help your business continue to thrive

Leaders Shape Their Hopes

Read to see how hope is central to how Dale Coaching work with business leaders and why it is more necessary than ever in today's world

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Elastic Thinking Builds Leadership Capacity

Read how improving your ability to visualise and plan what is best for your business can not only help your business but also your family system.

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Your Family Business’s New Normal

Lockdown has been a strain for so many people. Business owners are wondering if and how they are going to survive and how strong their business will be. Find out how Dale Coaching can help.

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The Great Separator

Whilst we are in lockdown, I've been thinking about how much we really connect physically with people when conducting our business affairs. Much of our well-being, it seems to me, is rooted in physical proximity.

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Survive the Lock-down and Each Other

In this new paradigm business and life as we knew it a few weeks ago is being impacted by Covid-19 and we’re socially isolating. Being under the one roof day and night as a couple in business is unavoidable.

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What’s love got to do with it? Protect your Business and Life Partnership

How does a couple build a business together whilst navigating the landscape of life partnership? Life happens inside and outside the business, and the commitment’s strength will be tested. Is love and respect enough to hold it all in place?

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About my Family’s Business...

At various points in our lives, we look at our parents and ask ‘Do I want to be like them?’. Through the journey of childhood and adolescence into adulthood this question, waits to be answered.

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Sitting in a Circle

The circles represent owners of the business, family members and the business itself. It’s a model of three intersecting circles that shows where interests overlap in the family business system.

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Family Business MOT Diagnostic

Multiple visions will affect your business’s ability to be move forward, be profitable and ensure its success.

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The Decision Puzzle

Your personal integrity and that of the decision comes under scrutiny once it’s made and implemented.

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Dale Coaching's GREAT Model
The GREAT© Model

I created this development model so my clients could clearly set out their goals and aspirations from the beginning

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