Jacqueline Hall
Managing Director

About DALE Coaching

A key principle for me is to ensure the best in my clients is brought out, by giving them my highest level of service and expertise.

Described by my clients as laid back yet quickly, simply and effectively getting to the heart of their concerns, my experience spans the family business dynamic, professional and  personal leadership dilemmas.  I work with clients who need:

  • Clarity about the situations in which they find themselves
  • To feel understood because for them, their situation is unique
  • The encouragement to make decisions that will be profitable to them
  • To feel peace about executing their decisions
  • Internal strength as they manage the consequences of their decision-making.
  • An approach that is straightforward and quickly brings resolution.

Our GREAT© Model facilitates space and time for clients to think and unravel damaging thoughts, behaviours and habits and get new perspectives.  Outcomes include improvement in business leadership and personal growth, increased wisdom, understanding and insight.  This approach to HR support sees teams upgrade their performance.

Faced with a personal dilemma I had to make a decision. This video is about the outcome and its impact.

MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change (First), NLP Practitioner and PGCert Ed


On the Henley Business School Register of Coaches

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