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family business coaching

Family Business Coaching / Personal Leadership Coaching

Family Business matters

Over half (57%) of UK independent small businesses are family-led. Apart from revenue generation they deal with matters such as succession, governance, rivalries, fitness for the future, sustainability and profitability.

How do you know that everyone is on board with the vision?

Why has the succession conversation not yet taken place?

What measures do you have in place for dealing with conflict?

We can help you lead the way through these and other challenges affecting your business.

Personal Leadership matters

Vision is what helps you to achieve anything worthwhile; without it you’re lost. A plan gets you there, and goals provide direction.

How clear are you about your personal vision?

Are you being held in a negative thought pattern?

Have you stopped engaging with the best you can be?

We can help you see the possibilities and grow your confidence.

Your Decisions matter

Anxious? Stuck? Confused?

Can't say 'Yes' or 'No'?

Are you avoiding the decision you know you ought to make?

Come into The Decision Room and make your decisions count. You will get clarity, be rid of your thought blockers, and peace will replace stress.

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Our model GREAT© will help you manage the issues that hinder challenge efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

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