SME Coaching for Growth

It’s good to appreciate small beginnings; after all, all businesses begin that way. Yours is one of over 5.7million SMEs in the UK and more than 16.1 million people owe their livelihood to you, and SME turnover is £1.9 trillion (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 2017).

Your idea started as a seed planted in good soil - you; it has evolved to where you and the business are now - challenged by, but ready to cross over your horizons and take territory. 

Covering a wide range of sectors, our approach empowers the SME leader to effectively navigate and manage the tandem journey they share with their business.   We target:

  • The leader’s potential and scope, so they and their business grow together  
  • Their personal and business leadership: help them formulate strategies, set clear objectives and take insightful steps that achieve personal and business goals
  • The business’s structure and building blocks for growth and expansion. 

Use our expertise to:

  • Gain clarity about your own and your business’s direction, and the strategies that will enable you both to excel
  • Cross the chasm between your current and required business leadership knowledge and skills
  • Overcome the limiting barriers to your personal and business success.

Connect with us today for an initial discussion about your intended direction of travel and the work we can do together to make it happen.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study 1 - Racket Up Squash Academy

When Niall, managing director of Racket Up Squash Academy became my client, he wanted to develop a micro-enterprise into a squash academy and business.  He needed help to structure his vision, so it could become a growing, influencing company.  Over the months of us working together he has gone from strength to strength personally and as a business leader. 

Racket Up Squash Academy has been launched and trademarked; the business now has a strong management team.  Niall is becoming influential in the Squash world as ranked players participate in the tournaments he organises, and wear his branded products.  He has attracted sponsorship offers and is looking forward to expansion next year. 

Niall's testimonial: "Having been recommended the services of DALE Coaching via the Havering Enterprise Nation, Jacqueline has helped develop Racket Up from a squash academy into a fully functioning business. Her mission statement – “To encourage you to be progressive in approach to your own personal development and growth, and help you capture opportunities that will change your limiting habits” could not be more accurate. For any SME’s and leaders eager to grow their business, look no further."

Case Study 2 - Passione Italiana

Alex’s niche business - Passione Italiana - was already experiencing success, though back-office activities relied heavily on his presence.  The need was in the areas of development and expansion.  Questions included ‘What could be delegated?’, ‘How to effectively communicate his vision?’, ‘The collaborations that would best fit his business model’, ‘Be exclusive or available to all?’.   

Today participants experience his guiding principle - that they should be well-looked after - as processes have been honed and delegated.  Collaborators who share his passion and ethos have been on-boarded, delivering with the same care and attention Alex would personally provide. The business has expanded its offer for those who want to mix travel and language development experiences, or simply learn about the culture.

Alex’s testimonial:  "I know my situation is not simple as my business is not conventional. Jacqueline helped me look at my business with a fresh pair of eyes. She gave me some good advice and suggestions as well as constructive feedback on my website, for example.   There is still a lot for me to do, but I believe that Passione Italiana is on the way to becoming a great business."

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