Jacqueline Hall
Managing Director

About Dale Coaching


My mission is to help and encourage you the leader to:

  • Be progressive in approach to your own growth and your business’s development; and to
  • Capture opportunities that will change your limiting habits, freeing you to make positively impactful decisions.


I have had my own journey of laughter, tears and frustration - I’ve got the t-shirt, the lumps and bumps to prove it. I’ve observed and supported others as they’ve gone through their own processes and challenges in business, professional and personal spheres. I have been trained to quickly deliver varied content to meet wide-ranging development needs, and bring that flexibility of expertise to the coaching environment. My experience spans corporate, professional and personal leadership dilemmas in decision-making, the pressure from competing priorities through to behavioural, relationship and life management issues. That’s how I know that I can help you - if you’re ready to move forward.

Professionalism, freedom of choice, and authenticity are important to me. These values are demonstrated in my practice which gives my clients the space they need to express themselves. My method of working releases clients to be playful and to explore their ‘straw men’, so the solutions they implement match their specific circumstances.

My approach is simple, gets to the heart of a matter without fuss, and helps my clients to see the way through for themselves. It facilitates space and time for them to think and unravel limiting thoughts, enabling leadership and personal growth, increased wisdom, revelation and insight to happen. My clients experience the release and internal calm that enables them to execute their decisions.

Change and growth for anyone can be exciting and turbulent and is a constant that is best navigated flexibly; and for a leader measured responsiveness is important.  Resistance and resilience both play part in how change is managed. I encourage clients to explore their areas of resistance so they gain understanding and insight about themselves, their circumstances and the people with whom they interact.


Challenging thinking that clutters so what’s important is clarified, I help you rapidly reach into the heart of your hindrances. The dots between what seems obscure and unrelated become joined.  Thus issues such as change management, self-leadership and work/life harmony become manageable

My expertise will help you to discover what was hidden, uncover what you had not recognised, and lead to recovery of what you thought lost. You will become empowered to make change happen, attain what you previously thought impossible, become unstuck, advance purposefully, and gain momentum. You will see yourself succeed in creative ways that release you to make a difference. The insight you gain into your own processes, motivations and their implications will enable you to lead yourself, positively influence others and see yourself as a success story.

Examples of issues dealt with:

  • Values and direction clarification needed to connect with market.
  • Strongholds that hinder progress.
  • Relationships that stifle creativity.
  • Negative behaviours and motivations that impact progress.

As your next step speak with me on line or call me on 07801 031502 about your requirements. 

I want to know more

MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change (First), NLP Practitioner and PGCert Ed


On the Henley Business School Register of Coaches

Branch Lead, The Business Bridging Group in association with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).  

Serve as Deputy Chair on a school governing board.