10 minutes can change your life

Weekly Surgeries:

From 3rd April 2017,
Every Monday 5.30 - 6.30pm
In the Dr Deri Stephens Room Rainham Library Celtic Farm Rd, Rainham RM13 9GP

Can you change your life’s direction in 10 minutes? Yes.

10 Minutes Solutions Centre will help you alter those aspects of your personal, social and work life that will bring about change.  What is it?  A pop-up issues surgery, where something that’s bugging you, personally, socially or professionally can be discussed and a workable solution found. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were the issues and challenges you face, and if you’re going to make life different, then you have to start somewhere.  10 Minutes Solutions Centre speed coaching sessions will help you make that start.  You may even begin to recognise the issue root.  It only takes one step to start going in the right direction.

I can do anything!

Debbie L tried the 10 Minutes Solutions Centre. This is her account of how it helped to change her life.

"If someone had told me a 10 minutes coaching conversation could change my life I would have said it's impossible. But it did. Even though I wanted to eat more healthily I thought I couldn't give up white bread. Jacqueline challenged me about this, and I decided to try. Not only was I able to cut down on quantity, I exchange it for brown. My family did as well. We felt and became healthier.

That conversation also helped me change my career. I thought if I can give up white bread I can do anything. I changed my job for something much better and improved my family's lifestyle.

Thank you Jacqueline for helping me to see that I could make lasting changes to my life."

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